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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3. >> a fiery crash as the military plane goes down in missus epi, sadly, we now know there are no survivors. now, the focus is on trying to figure out what went wrong. we'll bring you an up-to-date in a live report. >> first a wedge check with katie? >> definitely very, very hot, humid conditions expected, already off to very warm start, many of you walking out the door, do not just very steamy conditions, but, we're in the upper 70s, and the sun just barely came up. so, you can only imagine how hot it will get from here.
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which we will get tonight peaking at storm scan three devoid of storms locally, but just off to the north and west, you're got heavier rain already coming down across part of the route 76 here, even up toward i80, some will survive for our area as we get into the afternoon, specially. which we will get to little later on. time it out for you. here's where we stand. seventy-seven currently at philadelphia international airport. very warm start to the day. and we're expect to go get 94 degrees under the scorch sunshine, scattered showers or storms as we mentioned, also going to fire up. and some of those could locally soak you later on today, again shall meisha, more on the time ago bit later on. >> great, thank you so much for. that will we are looking at in the worlds of travel, construction, will start to slow you down. want to pull your attention to delaware. so we have traffic shift in place. the second phase every big construction project, see the first top right here, 295 south, past delaware memorial bridge, left lane block, 295, do route 13 is closed up until right around now.
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so that should be lifting then closing at 6:00 a.m., 295 southbound ramps to 495 until 2:00. then route 13 southbound ram top 295 south until 5:30 p.m. i'll be going over this again when we come back in the next ten minutes, rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you. this morning officials are trying to figure out what caused a military plane to crash in mississippi killing 16 people. >> cbs news correspondent hena daniels live in new york become with more details on the deadly crash. what's the latest? >> good morning, guys. officials say the. s military plane used for refueling crash, prompting urgent rescue effort, in one of the most rural regions of the south. bodies found about a mile from the crash site. now the marine corps says it operated the plane but hasn't said where the flight began or just where it was going. >> military plane crashed in rural mississippi monday afternoon killing at least 16 people on board. according to the emergency management chief, witnesses say, the marine corps
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refueling tanker was seen spiraling towards the ground into a soybean field, about 85 . >> it was loud, scary, just scary. i seen all of the black smoke. >> horrifying. >> all they would say it experience add mishap. the flames burned for hours, witnesses say, so hot, that at one point firefighters had to pull back. >> local authority warning resident to stay away. >> we don't want nobody out there, fuel everywhere, so we don't want anybody out responding in the area. >> the local fire chief says debris from the crash is being found within a 5-mile radius.
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>> they don't believe foul play was to blame. there was press conference scheduled for last night, it was canceled, and now scheduled for later this morning. >> hena, thank you. live for us in new york. >> now to the extensive and painstaking search in bucks county for these young men who vanished without a trace. >> focus now on this man, and his family's property no solebury township. out to eyewitness neutral reporter trans dough, at the police staging area nearby to bring us to up date. now your second day on the story. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim. we are just down the road from one of the properties at the center of this investigation. the da hearsays that he's confident this mysterious case will be solved. but there are so many unanswered questions including how the man who was arrested yesterday might be involved in all of this. the bucks county state and federal investigators including the fbi are focusing
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their efforts on this property in solebury. >> just seems like there is so much property to search. it is like -- i have no idea where they could be. >> investigators also collected evidence from another property in bensalem owned by the same family. they're searching for evidence in the troubled case of four missing young men, two of them teenagers. jimi patrick went missing wednesday while dean finocchiaro, tom meo, mark sturgis went missing. bucks county mark wine toub said there are indications the men new one another, and he does suspect foul play. >> we've been treating this from the outset as a criminal investigation and nothing has deterred that to this point. >> in a related development, police arrested 19 year old cosmo dinardo whose family owns both properties under scrutiny by investigators. he was arrested on unrelated weapons charges, and not named as a suspect. but sources say he could be connected to the disappearance cents. dinardo's neighbor in bensalem
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says he doesn't believe it. >> cosmo was always a great kid. helps me out. i'm diagnosing a flag pole, few weeks ago, and he runs over, throws the shovel -- grabs it off of me, don't do that, i'll do it for you. that's the kind of kid he is. >> this is an around the clock investigation, though, we do expect another update from the district attorney, coming up at 11:00 a.m. but for now, liver in solebury township, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you, trang for the update. >> this morning, police trying to find a man they say robbed and shot a wendy's customer across the street from north philadelphia police station. this happened after 11:00 a.m., wendy's at broad and champ plows. victim told officer he was about to order at the drive-thru when man walk to up his car and pointed rival into his window. police department's past district across the street. >> the 57 year old victim gave up $7, then the victim grabs the barrel of the rifle, that's when the perpetrator
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fired one shot. striking the victim in his hand. this individual either did not know that the police station was there, or didn't care. >> the victim still in stable condition. it is still unclear if the shooter was caring an actual rifle or possibly a bb gun or pellet gun. >> police are trying to identify a suspect in a motive in a double shooting in germantown, that left an innocent woman critically injured. authority tell us more than 30 shots were fired, along the 5,000 block of germantown avenue. at around 1:00 this morning, police say 22 year old woman had just walked out after chinese take-out restaurant when shot in the back. a 25 year old man was also shot in the back, and he's in stable condition. about 30 minutes prior, investigators were investigating shooting less than mile away the 5200 block of germantown avenue. police tell us 19 year old woman was found near bringhurst street with gunshot wound to the foot. she's hospital in the stable condition. police are still trying to determine if these two shootings are in anyway
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connected. >> sent center county judge could determine if they'll face trial in the death after pledge. will be in court on charges including involuntary manslaughter in the death of 19 year old timothe piazza. he died after night of heavy drinking during alleged hazing ritual. attorneys for both piazza family and one defendant spoke to reporter. >> jim piazza told me from the courthouse to the car that there wasn't a moment today that he couldn't stop thinking about his son, tim. >> terrible tragedy. the ems family feels absolutely compassionate, and deeply sorry about the loss of this young man, but we can't equate tragedy with criminality. >> total of 18 fraternity members face charges in connection to piazza's death. two of them have waived their hearings. >> in chester county resident are awaiting decision from the public utility commission. that is after officials
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petition today stop construction on the sunoco pipeline in west goshen township. the commission will make the call on whether or not work can continue on the pipeline today. the company was criticized nearby in west whiteland for brown water and in some cases no water at all. west goshen's attorney says the station wasn't part of the settlement agreement. >> there wasn't going to be any above grounds facilities except the station on other side of 202, and we're trying to stop putting anything on this particular piece of property. >> i think they should maker sure the pipeline is headed in the right direction and safe for all peel around it. >> spokesperson says they'll continue to monitor the construction. perhaps some good news, happening today, free stuff. it is ie 7-eleven, so 7-eleven holding a give away. participating will serve small slurpees, free, from 11:00 this morning until
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7:00 tonight. convenience store has been doing free slurpee day every year since 2002. you can order any flavor including the new once cotton cans. >> i sounds good to me. well, there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, american soldier facing terrorism charges, we will tell you what he is accused of doing and how the feds say they caught him. and wild fires out westin to scorch thousands of acres, force thousands out of harms way. the hot spots when "eyewitness news" continues. >> wouldn't it be nice. >> this is the beach boys classic. from the great year of 1966, that's the year i was born, rahel. >> was it really?
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the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. with jim donovan, rahel solomon, katie fehlinger, pat gallen, and meisha johnson.
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>> welcome back, us army soldier station in the hawaii is facing terror charges this morning, after authorities say he tried to support isis. federal officials arrested 33 year old i. ka over the weekend as part every sting operation following year long investigation. now, authorities say he offered to provide isis with military support not knowing he was actually dealing with f.b.i. agent. >> the material support included providing military document, person he believe would pass them to isis, to be involved in the purchase after drone, with the intent that it would be provided to isis in providing combative training to an individual he believed was affiliated with isis. >> now, according to his military record, was deployed to afghanistan in 2013, and in iraq in 2011. he even earned a global war on terrorism service medal. authority say no military
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document ever reached isis. >> very disturbing story there. dozen every wild fire fires continue to burn out wets, more than six battling wild fires in california, at least 3500 people are out of their homes, fires different on the to santa barbara county. larger of the two cards dry brush, and burned 37 structures. another fire only 36 miles away has burned at least 24,000 acres. >> this is very manageable fire right now. what we have here is backing fire, very low in intensity. >> also battling large fires in colorado, nevada. wynnefield -- winds fueled wild fire in idaho cards nearly 4,000 acres, flames brooke thomas out sunday. campers at nearby state park were forced to evacuate. no buildings were damaged. no one was hurt. a lot of wild fires, fires out west, back here at home, temperatures.
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>> sticky. >> scorcher. >> dog days of summer for sure the next couple every days. we'll not see the dew point drop below the upper 60s for at least the next 72 hours, many of you will stay with dew points in the 70s, in short, really, really humid conditions, right through that time. there is not a break. even through the overnight, or even during the day. but of course during the day when it will be as most impressive, have the scorch sunshine on top of it all. at the moment on storm scan, couple of showers that were in fact heavy thunderstorms at the beginning of this loop, as they moved east though, they have since had a chance to fizzle at least somewhat. i still think that will survive in the form of a locally heavy shower for some of you, northern counties specially. into the next few hours, so we walk you through future weather give you sense every that. by 9:00 a.m., yes, could have activity on the radar to track for sure, some could be bringing locally drenching downpours, if this is when you're traveling, part of the northeast extension, will be included in that rainfall. and then through the second half of the day, afternoon and toward evening, additional scattered showers and locally heavy
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thunderstorms are the story. we should clear out for the overnight, then sort every get right back into the routine all over again tomorrow and the next day. in the meantime, high hit 94. that's scorching enough. throw in the humidity, feels like closing in on if not exceeding it the triple digits, so really hot conditions. later today and then into tonight. we drop down to 76 degrees, muggy, that's the words i've used to describe it, next few date, still low or mid 90s, with nearing record breaking highs here, and never to beat thursday the eight. coming you have ally close shall meisha. but i still think friday at this point looks like it will be the most stormy day of the next few. >> okay, all right, katie, sounds good. with that humidity, certainly can be dangerous. thanks so much for. that will very good morning to all of you. happy tuesday. looking outside right now, we have accident out there. backing out of the way, so you can see this, horsham road, montgomery county, you can see, both directions kind of being affected right now, seeing a lot of brake light in the area. if i were you i would say
6:19 am
avoid the area if you. just know that you're going to be slow moving in either direction. then we also have some construction going on in delaware. we've got some traffic shifting, so all of this up top, 259, past delaware memorial bridge, up until 6:00 . already closed. 259 south the ramp for 495 until 2:00. route 13 southbound ramps to 295 southbound until 5:30 p.m. ramp re-opening, to aramingo avenue, re-opening this morning, and hasn't quite reopened yet. just a heads up. we also have a disabling vehicle here as well. schuylkill eastbound at south street. more coming up on everything that's going on, just a lot coming up in the next ten minutes, jim, over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, some of the days headlines from the morning papers. >> how low can it go? governor chris christie's popular tai takes another dive after his now infamous day at the beach. we will be
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>> welcome back, i'm thinking right now it will feel a heck of a lot better than it does whether you walk out the door today or the next few days, mid upper 80s, mainly it is dry, though i could see stray left over shower saturday, see some sunshine, and still somewhat humid but nothing what it feels like now, guys. >> thank you, now a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> in the morning call, driver killed last night in bethlehem when he lost control of his vehicle, on route 27, his vehicle fluffed flowing him from the car. unidentified man taken by ambulance to luke's university hospital where he died. >> from the bucks county courier times, council rock school members last night took a sense us to close rolling hills elementary school in northampton. it was built in 1971, enrollment of 439 student. final vote still needs to take
6:24 am
place in order for closing can move forward. >> from the trentonian, learning juggling, wire walking, in camden, and then teaching those skills to younger teens. the non-profit trenton circus squad is making its first trip to the city, working with kids ages 12 through 18, in a two week camp. >> this group eventually hopes to establish a year around presence there. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware val. >> i repair job for one part of route one delaware county promises to make that stretch of road safer. >> shows some of the two and a half mile stretch twp. line road, separates half forwards, upper darby, penndot will add a fifth center turn lane from the shopping center down to state road. >> this will narrow the lanes all through the travel lanes it, will slow cars down, and put that center turn lane in there, so, therefore, cars traveling north or south will have to jockey one lane to the other to make a turn to get around, people who are stopped. >> upgrades include radar signs, from anti-skid asphalt,
6:25 am
also, the work will go on at night. should be red any about a month. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," insults are flying as new jersey governor chris christie goes head-to-head, with a radio caller over his day at the beach. >> and lost and found, how someone discovered rare vintage wine at new jersey museum. meisha? >> and we are waking up right now to some busy roadways, accident montgomery county i, disable vehicle, major construction slowing you down. all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is not quite 6:30. but here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today, tuesday july 11, 2017. >> the leads are incredibly hot. >> man behind bars this morning as the search continues for four young men
6:29 am
who mysteriously vanished in bucks county. >> the da hearsays he's confident that this mysterious case will be solved. >> i seen all of the black smoke. >> military plane falls from the sky and explodes in rural mississippi. >> the deadly crash prompted an urgent rescue effort. the marine corps says it operated the plane but hasn't said where the flight began. >> a hawaii based us army soldier facing terror charges, for allegedly trying to provide materials of course to isis. >> you put your fat beep in a car and go to -- >> hey. >> hostile exchange on sports talk radio fresh off his beach gate scandal. governor chris christie clashes with a caller while auditioning for a new gig. >> in miami, aaron wins the homerun derby, of course who is in the middle of everything. our own joel embiid.
6:30 am
>> baseball looks like golf balls in joel embiid's fans. >> not happy he did that, we need those. anyway, we'll hear how they respond to the concerns later in our broadcast. >> be walking around with gloves on. remember on seinfeld when george was a hands mod hell to wear the glove. >> and then he accidentally burn, rhawn into someone with a iron. >> oh, my goodness. this is the luck of the draw sometimes, you know? and it is interesting. if you were with us yesterday, pat had done his work out in the office. >> yes. >> is that story, and i had another cast stanza-ins, hey i'll work out every day in the offers as long as i can sleep under the desk just like george. everything ties back to weather. we can just make everything tie into it. and you know, certainly today, as we take a look at the real story with the weather it, nothing but hot, humid, unsettled. that's a story for the next several days. there is really not a very clear cut ends in site until you hit the tail end of the
6:31 am
week. so, it is very muggy outside already, currently finding pretty quiet condition on storm scan locally, but, you can see just behind the lurk of storm scan3, little pocket every rain working it way right now along i80. hearts of the important sub freshes berks, monal grimly, bucks, may ends one quick shower at some point, say over the next maybe or, two hours or so. our current temperatures are as such. they're very warm. obviously. already flirting with zero eight in atlantic city, 77 at the airport, and it feels even tad warmer than that if you can believe it, the sun barely came up. already feels hotter than that, more than anything, because of the moisture in this air mass, so-so steamy outside already. it stays that way all day long, the high in philadelphia, expected to hit 94 degrees. ask the scattered showers or thunder storm, will likely fire up in the half day. down toward the shore points, that thunderstorm icon for you is very isolated in nature. so, if you are headed to the
6:32 am
beach, the good place to go, meisha, frankly, because you want to cool off somehow. overall it should and dry day for folks headed to the shore. >> sounds good. specially for those, yes, that do the voxly of going down the shore, soak some up for me, too, will you? looking outside, tac-pal bridge scheduled to open right about now. so just heads up if you are just headed out taught bridge any time soon. that will should be coming up in fact, you can see the boats coming in the distance. then we've been looking at this construction project in delaware. so you guys, traffic shift taking place, and this is the second phase of big construction project. it is making things very very slow around this area. you can see, the camera shot. not too many happy drivers around this area. and getting very slow moving around here. bumper to bumper conditions. so all of this up top here there is was up until 6:00 a.m. the bottom part closing at 6:00 a.m. that's closing t hasn't closed now for about a half hour, 295
6:33 am
southbound ramps to 295 until 2:00. route 13 southbound ramps, 295 southbound up until 5:30 p.m. and again, these areas under construction are going to make the commute very, very slow. just heads up on that. then, a ramp re-opening, 59 southbound ramp to aramingo avenue is re-opening this morning. that is also been closed off for quite some time. you can see how slow moving it is on 95, as you head toward center city, as well. rahel, jim, over to you. >> thank you, the search for four young men who mysteriously vanished in bucks county last week is intensifying apartment a property in solebury township. >> also made arrest but not calling the man they have in custody a suspect. "eyewitness news" report trang do live near the police staging area in solebury township. good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. we are just down the road from the property that has been at the center of this investigation. it is actually owned by the family of the man who was arrested on those weapons charges, so, at this point, it is not clear how he may be
6:34 am
further linked to these disappearance cents, but take a look at this chopper three video from monday. county state and federal investigators including the fbi are focusing their efforts on this property in solebury. investigators also collected evidence from another property in bensalem, owned by the same family. they're searching for evidence in the troubled case of four missing young men, two of them teenagers, jimmy went missing wednesday, while dean finocchiaro, tom meo and mark sturgis went missing. says there are indications that the men know one another and he does suspect foul play. >> we've been treating this from the outset as a criminal investigation. and nothing has deterred that to this point. this investigation, the leads are incredibly hot. they're have you fruitful. making great progress. but there is so much more work to do. >> in a related development, police arrested 19 year old cosmo dinardo whose family
6:35 am
owns both properties under scrutiny by investigators. he was arrested on unrelated weapons charges, and again, has not been named a suspect, but sources say he could be connected to the disappearance cents. meanwhile, dinardo being head at the bucks county jail on $1 million bail. the da is expected to give up an update at 11:00 a.m. but for now live in solebury township, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you for up that date, trang. sixteen people are dead after us military plane crashed in mississippi. neuvirth g through the rubble to try to figure out what caused this crash. the marine corps aircraft went down just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon in a field about 85 miles north of jackson. flames errupted, sending plumes every smoke into the sky. firefighters battling the blaze were forced back by an explosion, one eyewitness describes what he saw. >> just something, you know, all over, it was loud, scary, it was scary. i seen all of the black smoke,
6:36 am
just horrifying. >> thick smoke could be seen for miles as the fire continued to burn into the night. all the marine corps spokesperson would say was that the plane quote experienced a mishap. >> well, now that we are in the heart of the summer you may want to kickback and ignore some of your pressing money matters. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger, she understands the desire and has the perfect antidote to summer brain frets. time for her annual summer tips for our monday. >> i morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> so exactly what is kiss? >> any time i get a chance to give jim a kiss, i'm going to give it to him. >> awe. thank you, jill. >> reporter: so kiss, kiss stands for keep it simple stupid. it is the perfect mantra for the summer. start with your bill pay. research has found about one in five adults does not pay all of their bills. now, some of them are struggling, no doubt, but the vast majority, guess what the problem is?
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6:39 am
gloves and bags? helping the environment, of cour
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>> you can tell our show produce they are morning, neil; older than i am, because we're going way back in time on the play list this morning. >> older than our normal 6:00 a.m. >> well, welcome back, pennsylvania's budget went into effect without governor tom wolf's signature for the second straight year. the governor had until midnight to decide what to do with the $32 billion spending plan, that's after stalemate with republicans, the two sides were unable to close a $2 billion hole in the budget budget bill becoming law without a plan in place to pay for it. >> meanwhile, new jersey governor christie has six more
6:43 am
months left in offers. and he's already thinking about his next career. >> he's auditioning to be sports talk radio host, yesterday the governor went tow to tow with his speech on last week's government shutdown. >> mike in montclair. what's up, mike? >> governor, next time i want to sit on a beach, that is closed to the entire world except you. >> yes? >> you put your fat beep in a park that is open to all of your con still ooh glenn that's interesting. >> what's that, gov? you. >> know, mike, i love, i love getting calls from communists in montclair. >> communists in montclair. you're a bully, governor, and i don't like bullies? you agree? listen, i'm not the one who came on the air. hold on, mike. mike, i'm not the guy who came on the air, swore on the air. >> who swore. >> did you. >> i didn't -- get the heck out of here. >> you're swearing on the air, mike, you're a bumm. >> tell me how you really feel, gov.
6:44 am
christie's approval rooting -- rating at all time low. puts it at 15%. the governor returns to the airwaves today. >> well, is there anyone enjoying live more than the sixers joel embiid? >> last night he was smack dab in the milled of the attention again. take a look, very close look. >> there it is. we're thinking about you, and 11 homeruns. >> he made that look really east. >> i 7-foot two guy in the bright salmon colored shirt catching homeruns last night at the all start homerun -- any miami. while that one bounced off his hand, he didn't go home empty handed. >> cards every hard to miss joe em embiid. he had the caption i got a ball. wasn't done. then tweeted this pick. yes. this pick. coming up. >> it is coming. >> and just dress me, two homerun balls in his giant
6:45 am
hand. now, of course -- >> there it is. >> a lot of folks wondering should embiid using his valuable hands catching baseballs sipping along at a hundred miles an hour? i don't know. >> well, embiid put those concerns to rest, i killed a lion with my bear hands, so i'm great. we can talk about his hand, when i saw that picture, i couldn't believe it. now, i don't have small hands, but avenue baseball here. this is what it looks like when a normal hand is holding the baseball. >> how tall are you? >> i'm 6 feet. >> joe snell. >> seven-two. >> then look at his hands. absolutely enormous. i don't know if we can go back to that. looks like a grape. or golf ball. >> also i think he's being tongue and cheek when he said he wrestled a bear or lion. >> could have happened. >> no, people think. that will that's not actually what living in african is lik like. >> no. okay. we get it, joel, you have very large hands, and you're capable every not just
6:46 am
throwing baskets but catching baseballs. we get it. we're impressed. consider us all impressed. >> i'm impressed. >> katie, going to throw us a curve ball with this forecast? >> oh, well done. i like that transition. that was good one. i don't think so. because i really have been promising this for awhile. it is just that we're here now, actually in the midst of the steaminess, i don't think any curve balls come in the form of anything that we're not specking at this point. any showers, thunderstorms, primarily fire up second half of the day. it is hot. it is humid, light through the next three days. all right. let's check in with eyewitness weather watchers reporting some substantial warmth. most of you are in at least the low or the mid 70s, and that is certainly true across the southern portion of our viewing area where the watches are reporting. jamie out, 74 degrees, and she said she has got dew point of 69 right now which makes it feel so-so soupy, to one more we go across the bay here in delaware, one of the southern most weather watch that's we
6:47 am
have is from andy, i believe the icon came out wrong, check on that one, but andy is finding some heat for sure already off to very warm start at 75 degrees. let's head on back to the maps. and maybe that was the curve ball were you talking about here, jim. strange icon, but okay. here go. out to the cut tour area middle school where we do have some cloud cover, but this is a spot that could ends up seeing quick shower at some point over the next maybe hour and a half or so. she whether we take quick peak here at storm scan3, little batch of showers, that has work its way east, here in berks county, some could clip you. that's where the clouds are coming from the at the moment. anyone fair game today for shower or thunderstormment meantime, let's call it the discomfort index from now on watch do you think? feels at least oppressive, if not down right insufferable. then talking dew point into the mid if not upper seven's, by the time we hit thursday. on top of it all, we have got highs in the 90s for the next three days, meisha pretty much
6:48 am
where you peak with the discomfort. and couple of storms to come along with all of it. >> yes, talking about humidity like that, katie, as you know, it can be dangerous, too, pack the water, bring it in your vehicles with you. as you head out on the roadway right now, looking at dry roadways, yes. but, it has been not without problems this morning. we have couple every accident out there. so right now looking at montgomery county, horsham roll, stump road, kind of off. now off to the right side. was blocking all, now just blocking one direction. just a heads up. it is not going to slow you down in terms of congestion levels. just know it is out there. accident out here, as well, hard to see because of the trees. blue route southbound off ramp from the schuylkill. another accident there. then also looking at disable vehicle, schuylkill eastbound at south street, pulled off to the right. getting slow moving around that area. talcony palmyra bridge, clearly up. as soon as that comes back down, guys free to goment make note if you are headed out to the bridge. up right now. then talking about construction delaware, you guys, take a look, at those
6:49 am
backups, also look at the sensors, bumper to bumper conditions, closure around 295 ramp to 495. more on this coming up in a little bit. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. someone has figure out a way to work out and clean off at the same time. >> mixing pads l boards withing protecting the environment. live at spruce street harbor park at penn's landing. morning, patrick. >> good morning, guys. prance you remember me doing yoga on the stand up paddle board last summer. well, we are taking it to new heights this year, my friends john from okay with a vita. hi, so you are helping the environment while getting a little bit of a work out in. tell us what that is about. >> that's it. so we've taken our stands cards paddle boarding at the water front, added element of philanthropy with our save the night program. stands up kad l poured and collect trash around the harbor. typically it is water bottles, plastic caps, straws, lots of straws.
6:50 am
>> collected little bit already this morning. >> already found it. it pools in certain places here, so we have kinds of little know how where to find it, we've been doing a lot here. >> most people want to help the environment. how has the turn out been? >> most popular program believe it or not. it is nation based which is cool. all of the profits go to our local water conservation efforts. >> great. >> also launching a hashtag we bring this water campaign later this summer. >> very nice. >> want to reminds people this is our drinking water, our supply. so the more we can do to protect it and conserve it, the healthier it will be in the environment will be. >> while you help you get a little bit after work out n you get the blood flowing little bit. and you get this beautiful view here. >> are you kidding me? >> you can't beat this. >> yes, beautiful. stands up paddle boarding low impact full body work out. and in one hour stand up paddle boarding burn as much as you can in one hour of swimming. so it is real a great way to get your work out in, help the environment, have fun with friends, and just soak in the beautiful summer season.
6:51 am
>> beautiful morning for it. we have our friends out here looking for trash. it is pretty clean. so you guys must be doing good job so far. >> yes, yes, we try our best. >> so in addition to this, you guys do tours out here, as well, which i love of the so people can come down, check it out, get the work out in, as well. >> yes, we do standards pardon l boarding tours, on our website, acqua vita. com. look at the schedule and e-mail us and we can help you put something together. >> and you're still doing the yoga, too? >> oh, yes. >> pretty popular. >> the mainstay. yes, love the floating yoga also doing hip work out on the board, we added palatis' inspired yoga class as well. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. we appreciate it. so does mother earth. so guys, just a lot of fun. good work out. i'm feeling it burning on the legs already, i know, jim, rahel, especially rahel probably want to see me fall in. but i have a very expensive microphone, so i won't do that i would be disowned by cbs.
6:52 am
>> i'm only nice to you. >> i would actually do this. >> yes. >> i'll come along. >> let's do it. >> thanks, patrick. >> i'm telling you, pat. speaking about doing it all, now 6:52. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with a pro view. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, rahel and jim. we're at the scene of the deadly marine plane crash in mississippi. weaver new details on what happened. plus the latest on the controversial e-mail to donald trump, jr. it reportedly told him the russian government had information to help his father's campaign. we will talk to john dickerson about the fall-out. and the city of angels versus the city of lights. be unprecedented decision today that could result in both los angeles and paris being awarded the olympic games. all of that plus the eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. we'll she you at 7:00. >> good show, charlie. we will be watching, thank
6:53 am
you. >> and we will be right back. >> with three to go.
6:54 am
6:55 am
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>> bucks county authorities continue their search for four missing men, 20 year old linked to the property where the search is taking place is in custody but on unrelated charges. >> commission ruled today on sunday owing co-natural liquid gas line, say the construction contaminate g their water but sunoco insists their work is compliant with local rules. >> get flew slurpee today. 7-eleven's, parities patting 7-eleven's are giving away small slurpees between 11:00 and 7:00. perfect treat with these temperatures. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> definitely. that reminds me it is a pollen drome forecast. 7-eleven, 17. >> that's right! >> love it. >> you know what that means? okay, let's go out, show you quickly here, what's happening at the moment. not a heck of a lot. but future full start to the day outside beach patrol headquarters in margate. where the waves are lapping up on the shore line, but make no mistake about it, eventually
6:58 am
there also be shower or thunderstorm to dodge. see some of it along i80, traveling northbound watch it. for today, score of sun, scattered hundred storms, meisha, 94 the high today. >> that's steamy. look, i love the heat but that humidity is a killer. looking outside right now, you guys, this is where we have construction and it is absolutely going to slow you down. so take a look at the bottom box. closures 295 southbound ramps until 2:00. route 13 southbound and p, until 5:30 p.m. switch over to the camera shot, live look outside, as you approach the tolls around the area, guys, it is bumper to bumper conditions all throughout that area. >> well, a museum in new jersey discovers a hidden collection every wine, spirits and cigars, as almost as old as the american revolution. >> yes, employees found the cellar in the basement of the liberty hall museum in union township. once the home of new jersey first governor, william living stone. inside the cellar, staff
6:59 am
members found some aged wine like bottle of madira from 1796. >> colonial times in america. so to get anything decent you had to ship it from europe. it travels well, easy to bring it across the own and, favorite drink every people of george washington, thomas jefferson, the folks, the living stone's and the cane's, very popular at their table. >> they think the cellar boarded up during prohibition times, jim donovan, before you get your hopes up, sorry the bottles will be kept as artifact. so you can't have any. >> you know me, i would go for a wine cooler. >> just the wine coolers, i was going to say. >> next up, cbs this morning, the chef who is using healthier foods to help children suffering from chronic illnesses. >> sounds like a good idea. remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30 a.m. >> get your free slurpee. >> yep, good day for it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, july 11th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the death toll is now 16 from a marine car tanker plane that crashed in mississippi. we're at the scene where rescue crews say debris was scattered for miles. an e-mail sent a year ago reportedly told donald trump jr. the russian government was trying to help the trump campaign. now trump jr. has hired a criminal lawyer. >> and the city of angels versus the city of light. a decision could result in los angeles and paris being awarded the olympic games. and two extensive studies on coffee show the more you drink the longer you m


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